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Elle MacLaren makes abstract works of art using a wide range of media, which includes both formal art and utilitarian materials. Her work reflects her observations of and her feelings about the colors, light and textures of the natural world and the relationship between humans and their environs.  

Elle is an award winning artist who has shown her work both nationally and internationally in galleries and museums, and has collectors in both commercial and private sectors. Her extensive gallery history includes both solo and group shows. She has been published in Encaustizine (2017), Hyperallergic (2020), and Encaustic Art Magazine (2021).

Born and raised in Michigan where she began her art career after graduating from college, Elle lived and worked as an artist in Boulder, Colorado for 30 years before relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she currently resides and works in her studio. She holds a BFA in drawing and painting from Alma College, Alma, MI.

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