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Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist drawing and painting on a range of surfaces with oil, encaustic, cold wax, charcoal, graphite and more.  Surfaces include, but are not limited to, wood, canvas, cement, and paper.  Material in and of itself influences my work, which is driven by experimentation of what materials can do both on their own and in combination.  I think of  materials having a conversation when I am working on a piece.

My abstract approach is an exploration into the spirit of objects or phenomenon in the every day world.  Much of my work is informed by nature. I paint and draw subjects that invoke a strong response in me.  Many images appear from memories, distant or recent, that have been stored in my psyche and that are carried around with me waiting to emerge.  I work intuitively with the energy of my subject matter and stay open to whatever wants to “come out”.

My process involves layers of medium and I go back and forth working between expansive and quick emotional responses to the subjects and getting up close and personal with details.  Pareidolia is involved in both object and surface revelations.  More and more layers of brushwork and drawing continue the process. I am most influenced by the active marks and brush strokes of Cy Twombly and Joan Mitchell.   Mark making becomes an extension of my relation to my subject matter as well as a transference of my physical energy. My entire body is involved in even the most simple line or stroke.  Thus a finished piece becomes a recording of both an inner and outer perspective. My goal is to have viewers of my work observe, feel, and ultimately absorb this energy.

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